Anxiety and Stress

Stress and anxiety is necessary for our survival.

While a certain level of stress is required to motivate you to get out of bed in the morning, high levels of stress over a long period of time can damage your health and cause anxious feelings.

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Anxiety/stress. Are you ready to change direction?

As the level of stress you are under increases, your ability to recognise it will often decrease, which is why you might find yourself not being able to deal with situations that in the past you could, giving you that feeling of Anxiety.

It’s not unusual to feel trapped and overwhelmed at times, but when you feel that your ability to cope is prolonged and you can’t see a way out, your life can appear very different.

We all need a little help sometimes.

Cognitive Hypnotherapy uses therapeutic interventions, personally focused to you that will help you to regain balance on issues like:

  • Anxiety and stress short term, such as giving a speech or going for an interview
  • Anxiety and stress long term, such as divorce or an illness of a family member or loss of someone close

Anxiety/stress is personal, what causes you stress might be okay for someone else so don’t worry if others don’t feel the same as you about a certain situation.

Our minds are so interesting and amazing, if you are reading this when you feel stressed or anxious you may not see it this way.

In the view of evolutionary psychology, I am talking about the days of the caveman, we are programed for survival.

This means if on some level we feel fear, anger, or pleasure/love, each has a positive survival value.

Example; Someone pops a balloon behind you and this may cause a feeling of fear and all you hear a loud bang!.

You might jump or freeze or run away from the noise, you don’t just sit there and say “Mmm, what was that?”.

You may even retaliate, this would be anger, all behaviours tends to happen instantly, you are acting first thinking later.

(In caveman days, these instant reactions would probably have saved your life!).

Then someone sees your distress, comes over and comforts you, reassures you and invites you to join in the fun with the balloons and this may give you pleasure.

So sometimes your subconscious mind is only trying to protect in some way (often the wrong way) by offering up an instant reaction to a situation it thinks is a threat, or a match to something that has happened in your past.

All you feel on a conscious level is:

Worry, fear, shallow breathing, sweaty palms, dry mouth, can’t think straight, shaking in your arms and legs or whatever is your stress or anxiety response.

Cognitive Hypnotherapy deals with your future and your past, giving you strategies you can learn to use to deal with situations differently and sometimes we will work together to change emotional repossesses to past events.

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