Inspiration and how you can anchor it!

Inspiration, what does it mean to you?
Definition – Stimulation of the mind or emotions to a high level of feeling or activity and it is usually a thing or person who inspires you.

Who or what inspires you?

Who or what inspires you?

Can you think of someone that has inspired you? Who was it? And what was it about this person that helped you to feel this way?
Depending on how you think, whether it is in pictures, words, sounds or feelings will depend on how you describe your inspiration. E.g. I was inspired last weekend by Trevor Silvester; he is the guy who formed The Quest Institute where I attended some advanced training as a Master Practitioner.
I was inspired by his knowledge, enthusiasm, humour, and deliverance of the information and just his overall presence is inspiring to me.
But when I think about this I see him standing at the front of the room, and there is so much detail, colours, sounds, thoughts, I can feel the seat I am sat on, see the sun shining through the windows and the more I focus on this, the more detail I can recall.
How is this important I hear you ask? (Or not depending on how you think) Cognitive Hypnotherapy uses the information you bring to the sessions, your information 0n how you see the world, not mine, I don’t tell you how it will be, I work with you to find your best solutions. Then using your information (which means it is more accurate) I guide you through therapy to where you want to be. This is why Cognitive Hypnotherapy is so successful.
If you look for inspiration you will find it, and then try to give as much detail as possible so it is even more inspiring, make the colours strong, bold, bright and when it has as much detail as possible you can, create an anchor.
What is an anchor?
We are anchored to things every day, like an old record that reminds you of a first love or smell that reminds you of school dinners. So if you think about this inspiring person, thought or thing and you have given it as much detail as you possibly can, so you can really get that inspiration going, then you can use a physical anchor by pressing on one of your knuckles and as you feel that pressure, make all the details even stronger, then when it feels good, release.
Do this a few more times because we can become conditioned to respond to something automatically by repeated exposure. Repetition brings success. You can practice this until, all you need to do to feel this inspirational state, is to put pressure on that same knuckle and you can use it whenever you need it.

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