Phobias Fear of Flying, does this effct you?

Phobias fear of flying, makes my practice busy this time of year, with clients needing help with the fear of flying and some other phobias like confinement of small spaces.

If you are planning to get away for a spring break (you are lucky) and you worry about the phobias fear of flying, then this will make so much sense to you.

Phobias, fear of flying

Phobias, fear of flying

Did you know?

All phobias are based on fear, loss of control, the unknown, the future, safety, etc. and this can be like a virus in a computer, once installed it soon develops and takes on its own life, changing every time you think of it, embedding it in, meaning every time you think it you probably make it worse in your mind each time. And this is why you may need help.

What you feel is real to you; our mind doesn’t know the difference between something real and something that is made up.

Just imagine this scene now (close your eyes) you are alone and you are walking down a dark alley, there is only one street light and it is flickering, you think you have heard footsteps somewhere behind you, they appear to be getting faster and nearer, the flickering light goes out and you are in darkness. The footsteps are right behind you now and then…..someone taps you on the shoulder…..”Excuse me” says a voice; I think you have dropped this bag. The light comes back on you realize it’s the girl form the supermarket. Phew!!!Fear is a natural reaction to something you believe is a threat. You need to break the cycle of fear.
And then there is the pressure from family and friends, who just don’t understand this irrational fear.

“Why do we have to drive to Spain for our holiday, it takes two days off our time there.”

“You were all right 5 years ago when we went to Outer Mongolia” but of course 5 years ago you didn’t have little Mary and Johnny your 4 year old twins. You see, it’s not always that clear cut on a subconscious level.

There is a reason why your unconscious has moved you into protection mode, and because you now have dependents may be why you feel on some level that this is now a risk that you can’t/won’t take. I am not saying this is the reason for everyone who has a fear of flying it is just an example.

You can write down all the reasons why your fear is illogical, but still something inside says ‘I don’t believe it’.

If you seek help, it is important you give yourself time to sort this out before you fly, not just a few days before you board. Having an objective or defined outcome to work towards helps.

Having the tools to help you is a key part of Cognitive Hypnotherapy, helping you to find the root cause of the problem/Phobia fear of flying and giving you the techniques so you can think differently about it.

Develop techniques to relax your mind, your muscles and manage any anxiety.

Happy holidays, phobias free

Phobia free, sand and sea

Here is some information for you conscious mind, because we know your unconscious won’t believe it yet! 😀

  • Flying is safe because of the laws of physics and gravity
  • And because it is the most safety conscious and regulated form of travel available
  • Remember, flying is much safer than you think
  • Airplanes are noisy when they take off, just like cars when they set off
  • There are no such things as air pockets
  • An airplane will not fall out of the sky if the engines stop, they do glide, you know!
  • There are no ‘dangerous’ airports to land at
  • Wings cannot just fall of the airplane because of the way they are made
  • phobias fear of flying is a learned response and therefore it can be unlearned.

Why not get some therapy?        forget about the flights       ***ENJOY YOUR HOLIDAYS***

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