Life Balance Hypnotherapy – Testimonials

Please feel free to read testimonials of how I have helped others using Cognitive Hypnotherapy


Hi Joanne. Just wanted to give you an update on how I have been after therapy with you. After the zoom session, I initially felt really upset with myself and angry that this would have to be a phobia I’d be stuck with for the rest of my life. I think it was about 2 days after the therapy that I saw a spider. It wasn’t a really big one but I dealt with it without hesitation and then was baffled as to what had just happened. Over the next few days these spiders seemed to get bigger and bigger until one night a big was was stood in the doorway of the living room and I had no choice but to go near it in order to get the vacuum. Although this one initially caught me off guard I was still able to cope and get rid of it. I just hope that this progress continues and I don’t regress over winter as I’m less likely to have exposure to spiders. Thank you for your help😊. Lauren x


Joanne has absolutely changed my life. When I went to Joanne I saw her as being my last hope. I’d been on and off medication for years for anxiety and depression and didn’t ever see myself being able to live my life off meds. I’d tried different forms of counselling and courses on the NHS which may have worked for a temporary amount of time but I always seemed to end up very ill again. I was suicidal and not enjoying any aspect of my life when I first went to Joanne.

She is so easy to talk to and so kind that I felt comfortable talking to her straight away. She used different techniques with me and I’m still not sure how some of them worked but the fact is that I’ve been off medication for well over six months and I’m enjoying my life. If I ever have a dip I know that I have found something that works as within a week or two of seeing Joanne I usually start to feel better.

I can’t recommend her enough. She is so professional and has given me the confidence that if ever my thoughts start to spiral out of control I have something that helps to pull me out of it.

Myself and my family will forever be grateful to this amazing lady.

A  Jenkinson Leeds


So this week I had a number of important public speaking events / meetings. I can honestly say you have made an enormous difference to the nervousness and anxiety I used to experience in these situations.

I didn’t lose any sleep in the nights before, and had no real anxiety or fear before the events. I felt calm, in control and confident and the only concerns I had were about making sure we covered everything we needed to at the meetings and achieved the best outcomes. 

I really can’t thank you enough, I feel like you truly have unlocked my potential and I only wish I had come to see you sooner. 

Thank you again for all your help, your friendly approach really put me at my ease, helped me open up and made the sessions a real pleasure rather than something to be concerned about. I will be recommending you highly to friends and family and won’t hesitate to ask for your help again in the future.



I was feeling nervous about hypnotherapy, but was immediately put at ease after speaking to Joanne on the phone.  I wanted help for losing weight.  She explained the process and during my first session listened to me and then tailored the hypnosis to my needs.  I can’t believe how such small things can make such a big impact on my life, changing my thinking and eating habits.  I can eat sensibly, enjoy the foods I eat, but, thanks to Joanne, can recognise when to stop.  I still listen to the personal hypnosis files  and find they reinforce the messages.  I am so glad I took the step to contact her and would definitely recommend her services to anyone.

Thank you very much for your help and support



Hi Joanne, you’ll be glad to know I have started a job next door to the Airport. I am quite happily watching planes take off and land now!! Couldn’t have done it with out your help!!



Joanne, just to let you know my daughters exam went very well yesterday, so thanks for all your help. She’s feeling a lot more confident for her exams today.



With your understanding, guidance and direction I am now much stronger.    Thank You, Michael


I just wanted to say thank you very much!

People have said they can tell the difference as they feel I am more calm. So that’s good!

Thank you ever so much I am so grateful, Ellie.


I wanted to say thank you saw me about my fear of the dentist I just wanted to let you know that I have had the problem tooth removed today and although I felt nervous I was much more confident and the procedure was not as bad as I thought. The negative thoughts I had seem to have disappeared I now have a massive smile on my face thank you once again. Susan                      


I suffered from a fear of heights and have found the treatment to be of great use, it has allowed me to start to really face my fears and not feel frozen with fear this is allowing me to build confidence in my own abilities. I found it to be a very professional and supportive practice and would recommend Joanne to anyone.

DK West Yorkshire


I was very sceptical at embarking on hypnotherapy to help me with my lack of self-confidence. Joanne’s calm, none judgemental professionalism soon convinced me of the possibility hypnotherapy may help me. Don’t just think about calling Joanne, call her. Joanne has helped me more than I ever expected and I now have self- confidence to enjoy life and the opportunities it has to offer without the crippling fear lack of confidence inflicts. If Joanne can help a sceptic like me , she can help anyone!

Anonymous Huddersfield


Joanne is so friendly and makes you feel at home straightaway; I found the environment really calming and was able to relax easily. I was really surprised at how much more I have been able to achieve from my original objectives; she opened my mind to the possibility that I could change so much more and I have made (and am continuing to) make significant changes to my life.   Very happy with the therapy and would highly recommend Joanne!

Thank you!         Judith – Leeds


For some time I have had problems sleeping. I spoke to Joanne initially on the phone and found her very easy to speak to. Face to face, she soon assesses the situation and together with you, comes up with a plan to help. I have cerebral palsy and spend my time in a wheelchair which means I become stiff and suffer some aches and pains. Joanne gave me some tricks and techniques to improve this. I now feel so much better and am sleeping better. I can thoroughly recommend Joanne. She can even cure hiccups!

Chris Wainman LLB, Bradford.

Comment from Joanne – I can’t really cure hiccups but I did help Chris’s Mum to stop 😉


Just wanted to say a few words about Joanne and how much she has helped me over the past few months, I booked to see Joanne as I was having some issues with emotional stress and negative thoughts that had been bothering me for some time.

On the first session I came out with a real positive feeling and this was only the start of my time seeing Joanne, she really made me feel at ease and helped sort out my issues, I am now at a stage where I see a great future and life is definitely more positive.

Joanne as really helped me and I can not thank her enough , she really does make a difference , so don’t hesitate in making that booking , I am glad I did, thanks Joanne.

Brian S, Pudsey


I was suffering with anxiety on a daily basis when I found Joanne’s website and contacted her. We had a lovely chat on the phone and she put me at ease instantly. I told her I had an interview which was incredibly important to me which only gave a short time for Joanne to help me. But she did. I had two sessions, the last a couple of days before my interview and the download that I listened to every night and I got the job.

I can’t thank Joanne enough for her help, I’d gone from a quivering emotional wreck to a calmer individual in 2 weeks. Of course I have some days when I feel anxious but I remember to 7, 11 breath and the other techniques and I feel much better.

Thanks Joanne, Ange


Just wanted to say how overwhelmed I am with Joanne, she has helped me to conquer some very deep events that have happened in my life. You are so easy to get on with & I would highly recommend you to anyone. I would definitely go back in the future if I need to.
Thank you Joanne

Loretta Sutton, Halifax


Joanne helped me to further clarify where some of my ‘hang-ups’ originated. This raised my awareness of them on a day-to-day level, which has now made me challenge and change them more often and more readily. I’m hoping that in time this will continue to build up.

AG, Halifax


I made my appointment with Joanne almost as a last resort after years of yoyo dieting, slimming clubs, cabbage
soup, f-plan etc. and a fair bit of self-loathing. Enough was enough.

I have to admit to being slightly sceptical about hypnosis, but five minutes into the session all those concerns were gone. Please cast aside any fears about staring at a swinging pocket watch while being told to “look into my eyes”! Cognitive hypnotherapy is NOTHING like that!

Joanne is first and foremost a great listener. You feel like you are chatting to an old friend, all the while she is getting to the root of your problem. The sessions are then tailor made to suit you personally. The most striking thing about the sessions for me was that, while I did not feel like anything had changed at first, I had already begun to totally change my relationship with food. I was no longer obsessing over biscuits and cake and more importantly, no longer stuffing them in my mouth at every opportunity. Because all the work is done on a subconscious level, it is seamless. All of a sudden, I just don’t want/need to eat when I am not hungry. I cannot explain how or why it works – but it does!

It is still early days, but already I have had several comments from people “Have you lost weight? You look really well!” I have to say though, it does not seem so important any more. My confidence levels and self-esteem are greatly increased and for the first time in years, I am pretty happy with what I see in the mirror. My only regret is that I did not do it years ago!

Sarah, Bradford.


In march 2014 I decided to see a hypnotherapist regarding my anxiety issues from which i have been suffering for the past 15 years. Previously I had CBT, counselling and had seen psychologists but nothing seem to have worked for me. So I decide to give cognitive hypnotherapy a try. I searched online and came across Joanne’s website and decided to make an appointment with her. Joanne was a very friendly and welcoming lady and thus made it very easy for me to open up to her. I was feeling very comfortable and relaxed and had no problem discussing my issues and I also liked how Joanne would get to the root of the problem because before I would think that certain things were causing my anxiety but after talking to Joanne I learned that my anxiety was being caused due to completely other reasons.

In the first session we discussed my issues and in the next two sessions we worked on how to overcome these issues and most importantly how to keep a positive mindset. I knew that once I can change all my negative believes into positive ones then automatically my anxiety will drop and with the help of cognitive hypnotherapy Joanne did just that with me. Before having hypnotherapy, I had an inside voice that would always be angry at me and criticize or humiliate me for things I wasn’t even responsible for but with the help of cognitive hypnotherapy I have completely managed to change that negative inside voice into a positive one. Now I always have my inside voice encouraging me and giving me positive feedback. I am able to do things I could have never done before and I can see how my life has got on to the right track now. Another important thing I learned are the 7,11 breaths. These breaths if done correctly with the correct mindset can anytime lower anxiety and nervousness. I also received an mp3 from Joanne, this mp3 was made specifically just for me and was made to help me tackle my issues. Before I go to sleep I always listen to this mp3 and have since noted a big change in the way I look at things. Now finally I can make the most of my life and enjoy life to the max .Thank you Joanne very much for all your help and support.

Anonymous, Bradford


I went to see Joanne in October 2013 as a last resort to Stop Smoking, Over the years I have tried Tablets from the GP , Patches, Inhalators, Nasal Sprays, Gum, Lozengers in fact anything and everything, a few years ago I even had conventional hypnotherapy but unfortunately none of the above worked for me. After a recent visit to the GP for a persistent hacking cough that had lasted 5 months plus and the warning that my lungs were crackling, knowing I was smoking 20/30 a day, and pressure from my grandchildren for Nanna to “stop fagging”. I made the decision to try one more time and made an appointment to see Joanne (I found her on the internet) She managed to fit me in that week – before I could change my mind – the session lasted around 2 hours- Joanne was friendly and easy to chat to, in a comfortable atmosphere. I walked out of there honestly feeling the same as I had walked in, wondering whether this would fail too. I can honestly say now 6 weeks down the line that I have not smoked, I have not fancied a cigarette and not even thought of one. I’ve been under a lot of stress over the past 4/5 weeks, work and family wise and have surprised myself that I have not even thought of reaching for a cigarette. I want to thank Joanne for all her help and expertise and would recommend her services to anyone serious about wanting to quit smoking. Joanne has sent me the follow up download but to date I have not needed it. I’m going to make another appointment soon to lose weight now

Jacqui. Hipperholme.


“Joanne as a Hypnotherapist is SUPERB. I am very self aware and consciously know what changes I should and could make, because of the understanding I have acquired, but I couldn’t make the necessary changes, although I have made significant changes using CBT in the last few years; this for me has been a process of peeling away layers like an onion; at times frustratingly slow. With Joanne I quickly realised that my subconscious programming was still the main driver in my behaviour and I needed her help to access my subconscious and allow the programmes to become more resourceful. I could only do this with Cognitive Hypnotherapy and with someone I trust and felt TOTALLY comfortable with. This type of therapy is FAST and I am able to continue with the help with Joanne’s MP3 recording and to allow the work to continue. I would say that my self confidence is more authentic and I am so much more comfortable being ME. I have more positive self esteem and I feel calmer and more at peace; less at war with myself.”



I started going to see Jo for some hypnotherapy sessions to help me lose weight. Jo was brilliant! Very soon I discovered that yes I was about two stone overweight but my much more real obstacles to happiness were low self esteem, anxiety and depression. Jo tailor-made my treatment to suit my individual needs, which changed over the sessions I had.

I learned strategies I could use when my self esteem was particularly low so that I could lift my mood. I grew in confidence and soon found that situations which would ordinarily make me panic were no longer so scary. I have become much braver in social situations, and it takes quite a lot to make me panic now.

I still get anxious and depressed, but now I know how to get a grip and I can stop myself spiralling down. My negative feelings about my weight are no longer there, not because I’m slim – though I did loose over a stone, but because I now know how to look positively at life and I think I have a better understanding of what’s really important and what’s not.

Miriam, Halifax.


“I immediately felt at ease with Joanne which enabled me to open up so she was able to help me tackle the issues I was struggling with, as well as providing exercises that would help in the future. Will not hesitate to go back if the need arises and can highly recommend.

Thanks Joanne. Helen”


I have been receiving hypnotherapy from Joanne for 2 months now and have seen significant improved results for my IBS and self-confidence.

Wish id tried this years ago.

Richard L – Shipley


Just a quick email to follow up after our two hypnotherapy session. I found that I did really enjoy my skiing this time, and felt noticeably less anxious when faced with the more challenging slopes. I can’t say that the anxiety / fear has completely vanished, but I did feel a lot calmer and felt that I got a lot more fun out of my skiing, compared to previous skiing holidays. So thank you for your help, I did really find the two sessions very relaxing.

SH Halifax


I went to see Joanne Ritchie (Life Balance Hypnotherapy) as a last resort, after playing golf for over 20 years I had reached a stage where I was ready to give it up, whatever I did I could just not hit the ball well enough to compete. A friend suggested I tried Hypnotherapy as he thought it was concentration that was my problem.

I went to see Joanne who made me feel very comfortable, after three sessions of hypnotherapy and general discussion and also being given a written reminder of our sessions along with a download to listen to at home. I am playing much better golf and competing with my friends once again.

TK – Clayton Heights, Queensbury

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