I often check to see what the weather forecast is, because of our climate you never know when you need an umbrella or a winter coat, and even this weekend when we are nearly into May, there might be frost!

But we have has some beautiful bright blue skies with the whitest fluffiest clouds drifting lazily by, which I have to say has caught my attention; I even took this photo yesterday.

This reminded me as I looked up, how much better it makes you feel, looking upwards.

Looking up help to de-stress

Looking up helps to de-stress

There was a cool breeze brushing past my ears and in the shade it was quite nippy, (in London it was recorded as 23 degrees) but in Bradford and Halifax quite a bit colder.

When we feel down we tend to look down, so just imagine if you look up, how this might change  your physiology , the way you feel and see the world, yes this small act can help to lift up your spirits or mood.

So, next time you are having a down day, look up, watch the clouds, count the chimney pots, watch flying birds or aeroplane’s and test this for yourself. When you do this try saying something positive to yourself like “what a wonderful day this is”, “how clear is the sky”, “today things are going to change” or think of something yourself, that works for you.

I know for some this might be a bit of a stretch if you don’t believe it, but affirmations do work.

By saying things in “the positive” helps your mood. Just think of times when you keep telling yourself you can’t do something or that won’t work, and guess what, it doesn’t. Go ahead give it a go, what have you got to lose.

Lift your eyes to the skies and think open positive thoughts, remember practice makes perfect.

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